What Is March For Cancer?

March for Cancer is an all-volunteer fund based in South Florida that provides financial assistance to individuals who require support while undergoing cancer treatment. The fund provides financial support for patients to cover ancillary expenses like utilities, transportation, food, cleaning services and other everyday obligations they are unable to fulfill while battling cancer. 

Cima Georgevich and S.R. Tommie together founded March for Cancer in partnership with Memorial Healthcare’s Memorial Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) charity.


Katherine Irizarry
Deb Price
John J. Horto
Pete Weisberg
Stacey Greenberg
Earl Yeager
Mirella Estrada De Perez
Sandra Chenore
Katita Delgado
Ada Seales
Eddie Rodriguez
Ron Colagreco
Tom Truex
Brett Samson
Dora Alexandra
Roberto Reyes
Edward Pleffner
Sharyn Peach
Tony Theodore
George Lawrence
Gina Noa
Michael Gargan
Brenda Watnick
Howard Curd
Melissa Rodriguez
Jamie Pascucci
Zoila Tata Aldea
Andrea Sirota
Thandi Chester
Octavio Arredondo
Jeanette Gordon
Robert Tauber
Gianette Prince
Louie D
Vanessa Meji­a
Demetrio Mediavilla
Angel Munoz
Tom Hanrahan Sr.
Justin Carmona

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